Thursday, March 20, 2008


A public meeting called by the Mayor of Kirkham, Cllr Liz Oades on Tuesday 19th March was held to investigate how the baths can be run after the 1 year period of grace offered by Fylde Borough Council. At a packed meeting at the Kirkham Community Centre outlines of a plan drawn up by Cllr Liz Oades, Cllr Linda Nulty and Cllr Richard Nulty, to create a Trust were put forward by Cllr Oades. The plan was supported by the Chairman of the Friends of Kirkham Baths, Raymond Green. Various options for the funding were discussed including the support from Parish Councils. Wesham Town Council indicated their support and several other Councillors agreed to report back to their respective Councils' seeking their agreement.

It was indicated that Fylde Borough Council would be "minded" to pay a subsidy during the set up period. It was made clear to the meeting that a large sum of money would be needed annually to maintain the operation of the baths but if successful it would remove the annual uncertainty of possible closure. The concept of donations/subscriptions/fund raising were discussed and in general, support was expressed. Councillor Oades and fellow Councillor Elaine Silverwood were delighted at the expressions of support from the meeting....Mr Green added that he thought the proceedings were "very positive".

With the aim of taking the plan forward to form a Trust, around 12 members of the public volunteered to be part of the process.

A resident of Kirkham, who was part of the organisation team who arranged for the protest march, was also delighted with the progress and said "I think the idea of a trust is definately the way forward."

It was agreed that as much publicity as possible should be given to the proposals in order to encourage residents to consider supporting financially. Further plans will be put forward after various legal issues concerning covenants and leases have been checked over.

It is intended to create a 'KirkhamBaths' stand alone website. The necessary arrangements are currently being worked on. Once established, links will be set up to and from and the Wesham billboard.

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