Wednesday, March 4, 2009

KIrkham Baths are Saved!

A message from Cllr Mrs Liz Oades on the Good News:-

"I should like to thank all those people who have ACTUALLY DONE ALL THE HARD WORK to ensure the future of Kirkham Baths. Thanks to the residents of Kirkham, Wesham and the rural Fylde for their support at all times. Tribute must be made to the members of the Rural Splash group, they are the real reason that the Baths have been saved, they have worked tirelessly since March last year to draw up a workable business plan, they have pioneered the way forward by approaching the Y.M.C.A. with a view to joint working and they have found the way to provide swimming at a much reduced price.

Thank you also to Clare Platt and John Cronin for their recent work in facilitating the deal and all the staff of Kirkham Baths for their hard work and loyalty.

We move forward to a hopefully successful future, we will continue to do all we can to continue to provide leisure services in the rural area and hopefully improve on our present services."


Simon Renwick said...

And I accept Liz's thanks. This would not have happened if the mainly Lytham St Annes Conservative councillors had not backed the baths 12 months ago andf continue to do so over the last 12 months.

liz oades said...

I am saddened that Simon Renwick, as usual, seeks to politicise this and take credit for other peoples' work. When will he realise that local people are sick and tired of politics, being a councillor is more than spouting political dogma and putting your hand in the air when your political group allows you to, it is about working in your community, rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in, which is what most of our local Independent councillors have done within the Rural Splash group. The baths were closed three years ago by Portfolio Holder Simon Renwick and his political group on "safety grounds", our group proved then that the baths were sound and pressured for them to be reopened. Since then the Splash group has worked extremely hard, they not only got the baths reopened but have come up wih a Business Plan to keep it open, they will continue to work with the Y.M.C.A. to raise funds to keep swimming in the rural Fylde and will also seek Lottery Funding to provide other leisure facilities at the baths complex. This is what our residents deserve, not politics.

Miranda Cox said...

Councillor Renwick,
It is fantastic news that Kirkham Pool is to stay open but I was suprised to read your comments regarding the Conservative Groups "support" of the baths.

I attended the budget meeting 12 months ago. I did witness you vote to keep Kirkham Baths open for a year, and to close St Annes, but I was not aware that any conservative members actively supported a rescue, in fact I remember the Leader of the Council saying that the public did not use the pool enough, therefore, it was all our fault!.

All my letters and emails of protest have been met with party political spin, budget excuses and finger pointing. Kirkham Pool and its staff have been faced with uncertainty for the past 12 months. A group of residents have worked towards finding a solution, alongside the YMCA, as you will be aware, because Fylde Borough Council have been party to the negotiations. Members of the community have tried to do something and have kept the baths issue alive. This has never been about politics for us, the people, it has been about OUR SERVICES. I am delighted that the pool is saved for the time being.

I think credit should go to the loyal staff who have kept working throughout a turbulent and unstable time.

Miranda Cox,
resident, pool user, member of Rural Splash.

Alan Clayton said...

It goes without saying that everyone is delighted that the pool is staying open and the vote went in favour of keeping the baths open.
What is very disappointing with Cllr Renwick’s publicity is that there is no mention or acknowledgement whatsoever of the Rural Splash group that have worked extremely hard since last March to produce the business plan to make this all work. It was the Rural Splash Group that engineered the link with the YMCA and the Parish and Town Councils, without which this would have failed.
In one of his ‘publicity’ statements Cllr Renwick has even suggested that Kirkham and Wesham Councillors voted against keeping the baths open which has been taken out of context and is ridiculous and mischievous.

Cllr Theresa McGardle said...

I wish to place on record my thanks to Liz Oades and all the Rural Splash Group for all their hard work in saving the baths.

Cllr Theresa McGardle

Cllr Dave Ogden said...

I would like to congratulate the “Rural Splash“ team for their hard work and dedication in securing the future of the baths.

Once again Councillor Renwick has said on his website how he ( Fylde Borough Council ) has financially supported the baths in its future . I have asked the question how and when , and I am still awaiting a reply. Does he not realise that the people who have done all the work, put in numerous hours in generating a future have purely done it because they care and not seeking political favour.

The Councillors from Kirkham and Wesham that are regularly chastised on his website do not do the job because they want to climb a political ladder, they work for the benefit of the community.

Counc. Dave Ogden.

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask if the Independents are apolitical then why do they consistently sseem to vote with Labour on a variety of crucial issues? Most important of which was the way in which you all followed Labour in refusing to freeze Council tax. This is a huge slap in the face to all your residents. On top of this their recent leaflet was basically a rant against the Conservatives. If you are truly independent you would be able to campaign positively on what you have done yourselves instead of ranting about the Conservatives who refuse to be drawn into this punch & judy type of politics.

It's time for change.

Anonymous said...

This is a nonsense argument from the previous comment. Being 'Apolotical' means making a non political decision. Usually it is the common sense decision without conservative spin attached. 'Independent' means free from external control and constraint' and not controlled by a party. If the decisions happens to follow the Labour group then hard luck! We do not need change to a group that increase the FBC Council tax to 5.1% !

Anonymous said...

Apolitical=The state or quality of being apolitical can be the apathy and/or the antipathy towards all political affiliations. Being apolitical can also refer to situations in which people take an unbiased position in regard to political matters.