Thursday, December 20, 2007

Speed Indicator Device

Wesham Town Council have, in principle, agreed to purchase a Speed Indicator Device (SPID) for Wesham. (Subject to funds being available).

At a recent Wesham Town Council meeting, Cllrs Theresa McGardle and Alan Clayton summarised their recent successful training session at Lancashire Police Headquarters giving them full authority to install and maintain the unit on behalf of the Town Council.
Currently 2 sites are available : 1) Weeton Road and 2) Fleetwood Road. Consideration may be given to additional sites in the future subject to Lancashire County Council approval.

The authority for Town and Parish Councils has been the subject of much discussion by LCC, Lancs Police and the Fire Authority due to Health and Safety implications. The joint group have recently come up with a sensible and practical solution to allow for the utilisation of the SPID by Parish and Town Councils.
Details of Lancashire Police's policy can be found at

(Please be aware that there is now statistical data available that conclusively proves that the use of these devices does reduce speed) Go to recent Posting:

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