Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wesham Post Office

We are hoping that Wesham Post Office will be saved from the threat of closure! The desision will be published on 22nd January 2008, followed by a 6 week public consultation period.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's good news that Wesham Post Office may be saved. However, this Labour government is despicable for even thinking about shutting any post office.

Wesham Forum Editor said...

In response to the previous comment, and for the benefit subsequent readers,the following article may be of interest to you in helping to determine a balanced view on the subject.(See original post above for direct link)
Or Visit:-

Anonymous said...

So for balanced view we mean;

It's the EU's fault as they are making the weak Labour Government cut state aid and,

Anyone who complains, ie sub post masters, get their £60,000 compensation taken away.

I think the balanced view here is that New Labour has let us down again!

Wesham Forum Editor said...

I am encouraged that this new forum has generated debate. (This is the whole point of its' inception). Clearly the previous comment is anti Labour Government. It would be very interesting to hear what an alternative Government would have done in the same circumstances?

Anonymous said...

For a further view take a look at:-

Councillor Simon Renwick said...

I've read this debate with interest. Yeah, the Labour party has shut around 4,000 post offices since coming to power, with another 2,500 to go! 8 have been closed in Fylde.

It is an interesting comment that Alan poses, what would a Conservative Government do? Well, for starters on the issue of the EU, we'd have a vote on whether we sign up to the new constitution, this would strengthen our hand against the state aid ruling.

The other things we'd do is introduce policies to allow post offices to make more money and become a more viable business. One of the biggest things to do there is allow post offices to trade with other postal carriers, and not just the royal mail.

There are lots of things that can be done to allow post offices to stay open, but this failing Labour Government has taken the easy option of shutting post offices, and they are more likely to be closed in rural Conservative areas than they are in city labour areas.

Councillor Simon Renwick - Conservative!

Wesham Forum Editor said...

Are there any other viewpoints about the current Post Office Closures?

Anonymous said...

As most believe (except NuLab) that Post Offices are the core of rural life (with joint ownership of the local pub) I fully support the stance that FBC, Simon and Alan are taking that we need our POs to remain open.

Starlight of the Fylde