Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Glossy Tourist Guide For Fylde

The Good News
A new glossy brochure has been launched to entice tourists to Fylde.
The magazine, which will be available in tourist information centres, has been produced by Fylde Council to try and bring more visitors to the area.The brochure is packed with inspirational views of the countryside, all the best places to eat out and do a spot of shopping and the rest of all the best bits the Fylde has to offer.

The Bad News
The publication and announcement does unfortunately seem to be badly timed given the current concern (click here) for the possible closure of the main tourist attractions in the Fylde, such as the St Annes and Kirkham Swimming baths, Lowther Pavillion and Fairhaven Lake. One has to ask what then are the best bits of Fylde left other than shopping, eating and countryside?

Click here to see the views of the public ! Three readers must have had some choice expressions !

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