Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Wesham Town Council now have their own Speed Indicator Device up and running. The first installation was completed on 26th February at the Weeton Road site. The unit will later be rotated between this location and Fleetwood Rd. Arrangements have been made with Lancashire County Council for further locations to be identified within Wesham.
Cllrs Theresa Mcgardle and Alan Clayton will be monitoring the battery life of the unit over the next few days before arranging to move it to the other site.

After its' initial switch on, Cllrs McGardle and Clayton were pleased to see a calming effect on motorists who clearly slowed down once they were 'clocked' above 30mph and shown a 'Frowny Face'. The Yellow Jackets and Hard Hats may have also had an influence!

If you are aware of any 'hot spots' for speeding traffic please complete the feedback form at the bottom of this page for additional sites to be considered.

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