Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Current Cold Spell Problems

It goes without saying that the current cold spell is causing many difficulties for everyone. Wesham Councillors have taken steps to obtain an (overpriced !) amount of rock salt from an independent supplier which has been scheduled to be spread in the most needed places. The areas around The Memorial;The Post Office; The Co-op; The 2 Schools/Church entrances, the school crossing areas and Wesham Community Centre have been identified.
The supervisors of the Kirkham Prison Service have kindly agreed to collect the salt and with the aid of the inmates, as many of the pavements will be gritted as soon as possible, subject to the quantity of rock salt available.

Our thanks to the Prison Service.

See also the gazette article 7th Jan 2010 "Ice Crisis Deepens as Grit Runs Out" click here

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