Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Make Hay While the Sun Shines" = "Make Money while it Snows "!

In the previous post, it was reported that Wesham Town Councillors had made arrangements to have as many of the public area pavements gritted. This was done with the excellent support from staff and inmates of Kirkham Prison.

During the purchase of the rock salt from an independent supplier, it has come to light that the cost per ton has increased daily. On Wednesday morning it was £125 per ton, by afternoon it was £150. The following morning (Thursday) it had shot up to £232.65. It is not surprising that the supplier would not accept an order at the end of trading on Wednesday and we were advised to place the order first thing on Thursday!

No doubt the supplier will equally blame their suppliers.

Sadly somebody somewhere is taking unreasonable advantage?
"Making money while it snows !"

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If anyone can shed any light on what this means please leave a comment !