Monday, January 7, 2008

Derby Road/Station Road New Mini Roundabout

Following concerns and complaints about the safety of the new roundabout on Station Road, fearing that the current layout of the traffic measure could cause a serious accident, Wesham residents and local councillors are pleased that county bosses have decided to re-think their designs for the road layout.


Councillor Simon Renwick said...


Yeah, I am very happy that the County have agreed to this I wrote to them pretty much immediately after it was installed and then I received so many complaints about it I wrote again and chivvied them up. The site meeting today has seen the County agreeing to several improvements which I should hope will see this as a safer roundabout. The safety audit will be undertaken after the improvements, so we'll have the best of both worlds. Thank you all who have contacted me with your concerns. You can get full details at



Anonymous said...

Thanks to Simons good efforts.

Starlight of teh Fylde