Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Medlar with Wesham Old Folks Christmas Party 2008

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The annual Party was held on Tuesday 15th January 2008. There was a total of 60 senior citizens who attended the evening along with The Mayor and Mayoress of Medlar with Wesham, Cllr David and Mrs Evelyn Ogden and Rev Paul Bennett.
A warm welcome was given by the Chairman of the 'Medlar with Wesham Old Folks Christmas Party Committee', Cllr Mrs Linda Nulty, who then invited all to partake of a delicious meal. Cllr Alan Clayton acted as host for the evening during which time, thanks were expressed to Cllr Nulty and the committee for their hard work in preparing and serving the food, and also setting up the Community Centre. After the meal , the evening continued with delightful singing by children from two local primary schools; St Josephs' and Wesham C.E. The children gave an excellent performance, under the direction of Mrs Margaret Wright (Head of St Josephs'), Mrs Kathryn Pym (Head of Wesham C.E) and Miss Alison Groves. The children received a well deserved round of applause,....followed by the receipt of sweets
and lollies from the committee as a 'thank you'.

The entertainment continued from two very talented artists, Jane Harvey and Barry Mcqueen. The guests showed their appreciation for the entire evening which was enjoyed by all.
During the evening many raffle prizes were distributed, some of which were part of the 'free' raffle ticket provided by the committee.

The evening concluded with a combination of disco and traditional dance music. All in all, everyone appeared to have had an enjoyable and entertaining evening, due to be repeated in January 2009! By popular request we are hoping that we are able to enlist the services of the same artists for next year.

Our sincere thanks goes to our Chairman Cllr Mrs Linda Nulty for organising the party yet again, buying and cooking the food, and the helpers who prepared the meal and set up the Community Centre.
If you are over 60 and a resident of Wesham, be sure to join us next year...put a note in your diary for Tuesday 20th January 2009!
You will be very welcome!

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