Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wesham Town Council Meeting Summary

The monthly Medlar with Wesham Town Council meeting was held on Tuesday 22 January 2008, extracts of the meeting are shown below:-
  • Police Liaison
    PC Gary Cross reported that the monthly Police and Community Together (PACT) meetings were to be relocated for a trial period with a mobile community bus. The next one being on February 6th at a location to be announced.
  • Mayors' Concern For Non-Attendance and Lack of Apologies
    The Mayor raised his concern to a Councillor on the matter of attendance and apologies not being given for, Wesham Town Council Meetings; Community Centre Meetings and important functions and events such as Civic Sunday, Remembrance Sunday, conducted by Wesham Council that were of importance for the Town and the People of Medlar with Wesham.
  • Dog Bylaws
    As the result of the increased enforcement of dog fouling, under the Act, Cllr Alan Clayton reported that there was a lack of suitable dog waste points on the Public Open Space at Bowland Grange. Arrangements had previously been made with the Fylde Borough Dog Warden to seek suitable locations. As this is close to residential properties, sensitive care has to be ensured to find a satisfactory location. All Councillors were in favour of the proposal. (The meeting has now taken place (Wednesday 23rd) and a suitable location has been found.)
  • Fleetwood Road Pavillion
    Cllr Geoff Dixon reported that the changing rooms had been painted and consideration was given to future use for the Youth. There would be a requirement for remedial work to be completed. Cllr Linda Nulty agreed to contact the Youth Community Service to discuss the likelyhood of the Youth Workers agreeing that this was a suitable location and building, to become a 'Youth Centre' after agreed possible modification to the existing layout.
  • Proposed Skate Park
    Before final arrangements are made for the proposed Skate Park, The Mayor, Cllr David Ogden wanted to be provided with the results of the Consultation Exercise carried out in December. Cllr Linda Nulty was concerned to ensure that the Youth's opinions of the type of equipment were also considered and made known before the project goes ahead. Cllr Nulty has now contacted the Youth Service.
  • Speed Indicator Device
    As previously reported, Cllr Alan Clayton has now been authorised to place the order for the unit.
  • Parish Notice Board
    The Council considered 3 estimates for the new Council notice Board to replace the old one located at the Old Fire Station. The order has now been placed for a hard wood unit to be constructed and installed soon by a local tradesman.
  • Parish Plan
    Cllr Alan Clayton reported that the next meeting of the Committee would be on Wednesday 23rd January. Following this meeting it is anticipated that questionnaires will be distributed to every household.
  • Kirkham Baths
    At a recent Town and Parish Liaison meeting Kirkham Town Council raised attention to the fact that Kirkham Town Council and St Annes Parish Council had been asked for financial contribution towards continued running of the Kirkham pool and the St Annes pool. It was felt that these baths provided a facility for most other parts of the Borough and it was agreed by all other Fylde Parishes (at the Parish Liaison Meeting) that it was unfair to burden Kirkham in this instance, and St Annes in their case, with this sole responsibility and that either all Parishes be asked for a contribution or more importantly that this should remain a whole Fylde Borough Councils' responsibility. The majority of Wesham Town Councillors agreed with this view.
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  • Full Minutes
    The above represents a summary of the items discussed. The full minutes will be available in due course.

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